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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Guat Swim Party

We had a fun day at Nonnie and Papa's house with our girlfriends.
All the girlies are Kinders or First Graders.
It's hard to believe that they are school age.
I think these girls were 3 when we first started our little group.

The raft and the diving board were huge hits of the party.
Lily has not brought herself to even stand
 on the diving board before.
She walked right to the end like all the other girls.
I looked on thinking hmmm this is interesting.
She looked down determined to be brave.
Then she sat her bottom down and held on by her hands before dropping into the pool.
I was proud of my girl that was pretty darn good.

Sofia is the dare devil of our group and has mastered the dive.
She is pretty amazing!

 Irma and Maya have some serious style too.

Tres Amigas

 Some seriously cute goggles on a seriously cute girl!
Love these two!
Even if they are not into the mamarazzi!

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