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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, May 16, 2013

park day and Easter too

 When my friend Monica got pregnant I hoped she would have a girl.  I envisioned my girl having a little cousin.  Monica and Kaya are the family of my choosing.  Sometimes this is the best kind of family.  I got my wish and a girl was born.  At first Lily was so JEALOUS!!  How dare I think a little tiny being was cute.  How dare I snuggle and hug another!!  Now that Kaya is a bit older Lily has found the pleasure in her wee cousin.  My heart soars to watch these two together.  My wish was granted.
 is such
 a doll!!

 We had a great Easter.
We started out with our annual
Easter basket treasure hunt.

 Then we went to our friend Jake's house
for a little brunch and an Easter Egg Hunt.
These are some other peeps I will put
in my family of choosing.  I am so
lucky to have them!

 Then we went to Nonnie and Papa's house
 for some dinner and one last hunt.
It was a great day!

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