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Friday, March 29, 2013


Disneyland was so much fun!
Lily wasn't thrilled about going.
Terrified is more like it.
One minute she would be excited to meet Mater
and the Princess' and the next minute she'd tell me
she'd like to rip up her ticket.
Lily hates dressed up characters,
She says that their big heads are scary.
She hates trying new things.
The morning she woke up excited then as we approached the parking garage.
She had a melt down.
I had to carry her occasionally kicking and screaming towards the gates.
I thought, well this should be fun.
I wondered if I should have just listened to her.
I'm certainly glad I didn't.
She had a blast.
We did however have 3 unfortunate encounters with the
scary big headed characters.
ie.. Mickey, goofy, and Donald Duck.
She is NOT kidding she is terrified.
Donald Duck crossed our path and she turned around
screamed and ran in the other direction.
I'm sure it sounds amusing, but
her mother was not amused.
She still insists that she does not like Disneyland.
I'll let you decide for yourself.
I'm sure you'll find she didn't have an ounce of fun.
Our first day we spent at California adventure.
Cars land is awesome.
I am very proud of my girl for
overcoming her fears and trying new things.
She tried rides I thought she never would.
She even put her hands up on the
very fast Cars ride. 
She screamed and giggled the whole way!

 Family of hillbillies!
Mater teeth,
my favorite purchase!

 Like I said no fun AT ALL!

Day 2
We dressed in our finest to have a princess makeover
and added some wings for good measure.
Before our royal make over
We had time to ride the tea cups
and meet Merida.

 We showed Merida some karate moves.
It was darling.
I didn't capture a great picture of it
She was asked what her fairy talent was
and she said Karate.
Merida said they didn't have karate in Scotland
and asked if Lily would show her some moves.

 I'm not much for kids in make up
This made my girl happy.
They were supposed to put her hair in a bun
and she was supposed to bring a princess dress.
In true Lily form she did things her own way.
She picked her twirly skirt and wanted her hair
in her signature pony.
I love that she has her own style!

 Waiting and waiting and waiting to
finally meet Tink!
Vidia was there.
She knows her part!

At the Bibity Bobity Boutique
there was every kind of princess paraphernalia imaginable.
My girl chose a sword.
I love her.

Day 3
We started off our day with breakfast with
the Princess'.
I didn't get great pictures.
I sure wish I had tried harder.
After I got the bill I wanted to call them all back to our table
and make them give us more attention!
I'm glad we did it once, but
wow Disney really?!?

 When she met Tiana Lily said,
Mommy she has brown skin just like me
isn't she beautiful.
Yes, baby girl, and so are you!
Thank you Disney for giving my girl
a Princess she can identify with.
 Lily loved the bumper cars.
Really she loved anything where she got to drive.
She is actually a great driver.

We had a very lucky impromptu
encounter with Jasmine.
We just walked up to her and got our picture taken.
No line.
couldn't go to Disney without a little
face painting.

And that is a wrap.
I loved spending this time with my girl.
I am so happy my parents shared this
experience with us.
Disney is full of magic and wonder
and so is my girl!

1 comment:

annette said...

We had so much fun. Lily was the reason why I went.
I loved all her moods all the happiness. We all laughed a lot. Busy Busy Busy!! And Lily's envectious giggle...
It's not that far. The car was nice too.
Memories. Oh and Lily didn't have any fun. Ha Ha
She even swam....