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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, July 6, 2007

4th of July and more.............

The fourth of July was pretty uneventful around here. Usually we have a big bash in the neighborhood, but it just seemed to fizzle out this year. I had plans to take Lily to see the fireworks, but Lily is having sleep issues. So really I have no desire to mess with her little schedule right now. We are having to let the girl cry herself to sleep which we have never had to do before. Her normal sleep pattern is that we lay her in bed with her blanket and bottle and she just drifts off to dream land. However at the moment she starts getting worked up around the time we walk into the kitchen and I have to peel her from my body. She has got quite the grip! Then she cries anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 hour. It is getting better we just have to let her figure it out. So back to the fourth. We put Lily down around noon and she woke up around 2 in a mood. About 15 minutes later she got this terrible bloody nose. Lily has always had bloody noses and usually they are no big deal, but a few of them have been horror film ready. So we had a horror film bloody nose and she was all worked up so she was inhaling and choking on and coughing up blood and I was ready to spend some time in the ER, but the advice nurse said to let it run its course. If she was still bleeding after 20 minutes we could take her. Does her little body hold 20 minutes worth of pouring blood. After 15 minutes things calmed down but our holiday outfits were ruined :( After the drama settled we went to our friends house with Lily in tow for a BBQ sans our BBQ wear and had a good time and Lily charmed her audience. In the end we had a nice time. Better luck next year in scaring our darling with fireworks.

Some Pics of our summer fun!
Stuey wanted in the other day and I found him with this paper bag handle around his neck and lord knows what in his mouth. The days of sleepy Stuey are now over he has a motor that just keeps running and he is QUICK!
Really mom isn't this the only way to finish off a bowl of Cheerios!
For father's day daddy got a pool. I was against the pool because it is going to destroy our lawn but it is well worth the fun, its not very pretty but the fun outways the look. Lily has despised cold water. She stiffens up her body and screams, but Peter and I are fish so we are on a mission to toughen her up. I am rather squimish about making her do things she doesn't want to do so Peter took charge as I cringed nearby.

Here is Lily tolerating being near the water. See daddy trying to convince her that she is happy!

And a treat for the brave girl!

And look at her now! Yesterday I got in the pool and called Lily. She came to the edge of the pool and put her arms up. Tada we have a new little fish on our hands. What a big girl.

Thanks Daddy this is fun!

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