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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Going Better

Wanna Smooch?

So the worst of our bad news seems to be over and summer is rolling on. My mom is feeling much better. I have come to terms with the fact that Lily will need tubes in her ears and can now look at it through the perspective that lots of kids have this procedure done and thank god we found a fixable problem. Lily will be seeing a speech therapist 2 times a month. Which I am very excited about. She was really nice and extremely good with Lily. The whole idea just took me a moment to adjust. I needed to shift my outlook. A lot was going on at once and I felt like I was sinking, then I remembered that I could swim. So now we are swimming along and navigating the waters fine. Speaking of navigating the waters I am taking the plunge. I have avoided swimming lessons this year for fear it would be alot of screaming and twisting of my flesh, but I have decided to do it anyways. Lily has decided that she will tolerate the water if we make her. So wish me luck! Here are a few pictures of our recent fun.
Look at my feet!

This is my big cousin Sophia isn't she the coolest!

Happy girl after a day at the park.

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MayasMom said...

Hey! LOVE the pictures! (And love your niece's name! hehehe)
I didn't notice I had been tagged until I read it in your blog. I'm on it!

I'm so glad to read that your mom is better and that Lily has something that can be fixed. I know that must have been pretty stressful for you. Glad your rainbows are coming out now!