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Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer Bummer

So we have hit a roadblock in our summer fun! My parents, Lily and I were supposed to go on a cruise to Hawaii. But my mom is sick. She had to have her gal bladder removed which is supposed to be a out patient surgery, but there were complications and it ended up being a way more serious surgery than it was supposed to be. My poor mom was supposed to see no sight of a hospital bed and has been there for 5 long days now. I miss her being up the street and Lil and I visiting whenever we feel like it. So consequently we are not going to Hawaii. We were supposed to leave on the 22nd. So now Lily and I will be here for some bachelor fun. My husband planned on livin it up while the girls were away. So now the girls will be here for all the bachelor festivities.
Lily and I also went to see the audiologist to see why she is using pointing and grunting as her only form of communication and she said it looked like she has fluid in her ears and to go see my pediatrician. So we went to the doctor yesterday and there is fulid in her right ear and she will most likely need tubes in that ear. He wants to wait a month before sending us to a surgeon. Today we are going to the speech therapist. Wish us luck. I need some good news right now.


plumm said...

Hey there~

Sounds like you really could use some good news! That's a whole lot of stuff to deal with at once.

I, unfortunately, don't have any super duper news to share with you. But, we also have an appt. with the speech therapist. Ours is next Wednesday. Kai is using a few words but is falling behind on the hand dandy milestones chart. I think everything is probably just fine but it is nice to know one way or the other.

Good luck today...


Jenn said...

Oh Sarah...I hope your mom is feeling better and recovering quickly. I hope your speech therepy appointment went well and Miss Lily's ears are feeling better, too.

I hope this is a little fun for you...I 'tagged' you. You can find the details on my blog.

Take care,