Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, March 28, 2008


Lily has been tagged. The directions are to post 10 things about yourself and then to tag ten more people. So her are some random facts about miss Lily.

#1. Lilyana was given her name by us, it is a combination of two important people in our lives. Peter's grandmother and my mom. When we blended them together that is what we came up with. We thought we made it up low and behold we chose a hispanic name and spelled it wrong. Her middle name is Rubi. Rubi came from her birthmother. It was her given middle name and what Lily's foster mother called her.

#2 Lily gets fixated on one show of choice and we have to watch just that one show over and over again until you think your head may explode if you see one more episode. It started with Caillou and transitioned to Barney and now we have moved on to nothing but Dora. I now lay awake hearing "I'm the map." Why is the freakin map so screechy!

#3 Lily loves to get her groove on and it could be music of any kind. She wiggles her bottom and sways her arms. She also likes to make her own music. Right now her song of choice is The Ants Go Marching. The minute we enter the car she says more march mommy.

#4 Lily is afraidy cat. There are lots of scary things in this world. There is a scary pickle, scary tickle me elmo, there is a scary pink truck at the mall. And the humidifier in the shape of a cow that has been in her room her whole life is now a scary cow and it has to have a jacket zipped around it so as not to affend her eyes. I don't really think she is scared so much of all these things I just think it is a way for her to control her environment.

#5 Lily has started saying scratchy froat mommy, tyenol. Translation scratchy throat mommy I need tylenol. I have no idea where this has come from. My mom swears she did not ask her if she had a scratchy throat and neither my husband nor I have ever used those words. She is not sick. It is really very cute to hear those words come out of her mouth whatever they may mean.

#6 She hates messes. If she sees a mess she feels the need to promptly point it out to me. wook mommy messy. If there is garbage on the sidewalk she wants to pick it up and throw it away. She is very concious of our environment.

#7 Lily loves her dog Stuey. She follows him around all her waking hours saying Stuey come here I show you. I still have no idea what she is going to show him. The suspense is killing me.

#8 Lily loves to draw with crayons pencils markers whatever the medium she is always drawing circles. She sits at her little table saying circle mommy circle. Mommy draw circle.

#9 Lily is undeniable the boss. She barks out orders like no one else I know. Stuey sit, no barking, mommy sit, my turn, by myself, up, are a few of her favorites at the moment. Her other favorite is no thank you. Lily lets go take a bath. No thank you. Lily you need a diaper change. No thank you. etc...................

#10 Lily has a blanket she calls tags. She must go to sleep with that blanket. It would go where ever she went if it wasn't looking so dingy but mommy hides it before outings. One because it looks embarrassing and two because of fear that we may loose it and Lily will never sleep again.
I am not going to tag ten more I just don't know that many people so I encourage all that read my blog to add ten things about themselves or their little ones.


MayasMom said...

LOVE the new pics! Lily is growing up way too fast, Sarah ... tell her to "stop it now, please!"

Kelly said...

She is soooo precious. We have the same "no thank you " phrase of the month over here. And Dora rules the tube, my problem is Backpack. Silly song can't get out of my head!

Ruthie said...

Hi Lilyana! It's the other Liliana stopping by to say hello! I have a new blog and your link had dropped off but it's back on! I loved learning more about you. We have soo much in commom - we both love our dogs, dora, singing, dancing, and crayons. Please feel free to visit me at my new blog. Hugs and kisses!