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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Don't want to forget

Lily has some funny bedtime routines. First this is what the crib she sleeps in looks like. On the left we have Tigger Tiger and on the right we have Apple Tiger. Daddy tried many names for Mr. Apple Tiger. Suitable names like George and Fred and then he threw out Apple and it stuck. We also have a Cheese Apple Tiger somewhere in there. Apple Tiger and Tigger Tiger are a must the rest are on some sort of rotation I don't understand.Apple Tiger must hold a sock. What is the sock for, its for her nose of course. Yes tissue will not do it must be a sock. (Now the story is only a little sad cause Lily gets bloody noses and the sock is just in case one appears in the middle of her slumber) Why it is a sock I will never know.

Last but not least here are her three blankets. Snow blanket first, butterfly blanket in the middle, butterfly side up, and last but not least ABC blanket.

So there you have it one crowded crib for one big girl.
And just in case my hubby reads this camera for my Bday is now a must do you see the color. What is that?


Leslie said...

Love her bed with all the animals!!!

Abbys looks just the same but now she has a big girl bed so MORE DARN ANIMALS can fit!!!


Rhonda said...

cute animals. Both our girls have to have their animal buddies in bed with them too!

Kelly said...

It looks so cozy!!