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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, May 1, 2009

Forever Family Day- Academy of Science

We made the treck to San Francisco today and it was well worth the trip. Lily was so very excited to see all of the animals and was bouncing up and down pretty much the whole time we were there. Last year when we took her to Sea World she spent most of the day crying so I was not sure quite what to expect. What a difference a year makes. She was nothing short of enthusiastic the entire day.
She wanted to climb the turtle. When it was time to move on she was a little heartbroken. she decided to give him a smooch goodbye.

Fish do not photograph well or we are not sure of the setting. Either way he is the only one to make the cut.

Oh, one more this fish, also made the cut. Once again Lily would not join in the juvenile fun. Perhaps she was wise to decline.

However, butterflies and frogs in the rainforest exhibit photograph very very well!

This guy was our favorite.

Couldn't leave without a shot of the albino alligator. His name is Claude apparently he is very sophisticated.

My girl, is quite enthusiastic about penguins! No penguin pics turned out, but they like shiny things, kinda like me, so they were fun to play with. We are listening to penguin facts here...

and here.....
And here. That little face takes my breath away. Really no fancy camera needed to make her look sweet and angelic.

On the way home...
After singing Old McDonald loudly, clearly trying to fight sleep, she gave up.

Then we went out to dinner where we topped it off with mile high mudpie. We are wide awake.
And what is a celebration without a sugar crash.
Time for bed sweet girl. Love you to the moon and back!


Robyn said...

What a fun day!!

Leslie said...

Yes that looks like a day in our house on the weekends with Abby!!!! lol

Happy Forever familia day!


p.s your daughter is just soooooo pretty

Kelly said...

You make me laugh!!! I love the exquisite photo of that weird human-like fish...LOL It looks like you guys had a fantastic Forever Fam Day!!!! Happy Anniversary to all of you!!!!!

Hannah said...

She is just flat out beautiful! I am glad that you guys had a great day...sugar crash excluded!!

Maya and Maria said...

Love the fish photo. I meant the first fish, but the second one looks awesome, too, of course ;-)

That first fish looked mad though ... too cute!

Rhonda said...

Oh what a fun happy celebration. It is amazing when you see such changes a year does make. I just loved seeing all those fun pictures, thanks for sharing.