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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Summer Is Here!

The official start to summer here in my town is the first of some really hot days. It was 97 here today and is supposed to be 103 on Sunday. So summer we have begun. Every year around this time I try to convince everyone around that this will be the year of the fish for my water phobic child. I am not going to do it this year. Lily shall be whatever way she wants around the water. If I am the one mom with the screaming banchie at the pool while the other moms laugh and giggle with their children in the pool so be it. Or if I am the one person who sits and plays on the edge of the pool all day long getting just our toes wet thats fine too. So screaming banchie or no screaming banchie summers here and Im ready to relax kick off my shoes and have a few margaritas.
Our first popsicle of the summer. Last year they were pop ka sicles.
Someone just informed her that here mom is almost on a 6 week vacation!
Umm I hope this doesn't mean she's gonna be a monster.

No, not this child, can you imagine a little terror behind that sweet face.
Didn't think so.


Robyn said...

What adorable pics!! Looks like she had lots of fun!!

Vanessa said...

Now there truly could be no naughtyness behind all that cuteness!! LOL!! Summer is here too and man it's a HOT one!

aamayna said...

These are great pictures! I love her top too!

Leslie said...

Sarah stop hogging summer and send it to Ohio please!!!! LOL

Lilly is a doll and ilove that suit!


Kelly said...

I cannot imagine her being a lil' monster. NEVER!!!! She looks too sweet!!!!! LMAO

Hannah said...

Great pictures! We have already broken out the popcicles and snow cones here and it has only gotten up in the 80's!

Hannah said...

oops...that should have said Popsicle! Duh.

Rhonda said...

What really cute pictures. LOVE them. She is just way tooooo precious and adorable. :-)
Can't even imagine 97 degrees!