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Friday, May 29, 2009

I think we may be in trouble

Lily has given me a rough time about going to preschool this year. She is never happy about going there and I have waffled about her continuing or just caving to her requests. What has kept me going is first off I love the preschool, secondly she is always happy when my mom picks her up and she has nothing but good things to say about her friends and there is the fact that she has learned oh so much. So like it or not were going. She quite often tells me that she does not like Ms. Wendy, but her reasoning is always something like Wendy has told her to sit down, or that she can't play on the baby side etc... Nothing really to worry about Lily is just going to have to get used to people requesting things of her she REALLY likes to be in control. The other morning Lily said on her way to school "I dont want to go to school?" I asked her why and she said I don't like Ms. Wendy (poor Wendy she can be given consolation cause I really like her) Anyways I said why? Her response had me rolling! This is Lily speak: Ms. Wendy say me to sit next to Keshnee (a girl) I want to sit next to Mathew and Brady cause I just LOVE boys."


Leslie said...

OHHHHHH and she's not even a teen yet!!! LOL

I cant wait till abby Starts in Sept!! LOL

Hannah said...

That is too funny! Love it!

Vanessa said...

OH you're in trouble is right!! ROFL!!