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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, June 18, 2010


.... is an understatement.
You can also add selfish to the list.
There is so much to do.
I feel very very unorganized.
Should I pack...
Should I clean...
Should I go paint cupboards...
Should I go buy baseboards...
Perhaps I should start to drive the boxes I have packed to the new house...
So I feel instead of accomplishing 1 task I am doing a little of each.
And then nothing is actually done.
Can you hear my SIGH!
Moving is a pain in my arse.
Why selfish you ask?
Well my mom has called each day and offered to take Lily with her.
Each day I've told her no thank you.
When Lily is having to entertain herself and not getting much attention would I do that?
Because this is what I hear each and every day.
Mommy I want to live at Nonnie's house?
You can't live at Nonnie's house Lily?
Because I'm Your mommy and little boys and girls live with their mommies.
But, Chuggie and Footie (my moms dogs) get to live there.
I know but your not a dog.
Yes I am. My names Spot.
Now I understand the draw...
Really look at what is at Nonnie's house

....But, I went to college to become a teacher

Precisely so I could spend summers with my children.

Having children hit many bumps

all in a way to find the perfect daughter.

Life didn't turn out like I planned

The only thing that really turned out as planned is



Like it or not your spendin the summer with yo mama kid.

(Just as a disclaimer she will be spending today and the whole night at Nonnies house so Peter and I can work on the house. She is over the top excited.)


Hannah said...

I do the same thing. I just want the kids with me and sometimes I can't seem to let them go...even if I know they would have more fun going. You'll get it all done. Stop and and enjoy that sweet baby girl when "spot" comes back home :)

Leah and Maya said...

I am with you, I waited a LONG time to have Maya and dang it we are goign to enjoy eachother, actually she wants to be with me, right now she is my mini-me, but I can see with all the stuff you are ding why she might like to go somewhere else and have a little more attention just for her. That looks like alot of work, maybe you can relax before fall comes.

Gardenia said...

sigh, I hear you. I want to spend my free time with my daughter and hubby. I can see why she wants to go to Nonnie's house. I do too. look at that beautiful pool.

Jen said...

Ohhhh, Sarah....that was a great post!! You are too funny, and so is little Miss Lily!

I wish I could help you my dear....

dfadf said...

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