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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Changes are afoot with my family. For 2 years we have been renting a beautiful home. It is perfect in every way I love this house, but it is not mine. So each month I pay rent and my landlord has been spotty at best about paying his mortgage. Twice in the last 2 years I have been greeted with unsettling news. Once the telltale paperwork has been posted on our door stating that the house was going into forecloser and once Lily was home sick and I got a knock on the door. The nice man at the door was there to inform me that our rental home was to be sold the next day at auction. YIKES. So lets just say that this beautiful home has been a bit stressful to live in.

My parents recently bought a new home and so their old home is going to be a rental. Peter and I decided we would move in. I am excited to move in we are going to be able to pay off some bills and save some money and hopefully in the future become home owners again!!!! Exciting!!!! With the excitement is also some sadness. My parents old home is in the neighborhood we used to own a home in. We left there thinking we were moving on to better things. It is a bit of a blow to ones ego to be moving back. The neighborhood is quiet, but it is not the best. When we bought that home it was to be a starter home to get us moving on to bigger and better things. We didn't forsee the crash of the housing market. It is not the neighborhood that I want Lily attending school in. That problem will be easy enough to fix though.

There is always a silver lining. On top of saving money we get to make it like our own. I won't be wondering if someone is paying the mortgage because it is people I trust who own it. With this knowledge I get to decorate. I will get to plant and paint and spruce it up to my own liking. I am super excited about that. The move should also be super easy on Lily as this has been her second home since coming home from Guatemala. We started the process of making it our home today. We ripped out the flooring and are getting ready to lay some laminate flooring. I'll be posting pictures of our progress as we make this our own little oasis.

Before the demolition.

30 minutes and no carpet.

Removing the tile took some elbow grease.
I did the sweeping during this part of the destruction.

And A little reward after the work was done.

Good form.

A little splash I give that a 9.

One last tid bit our frogs were ready for release. I was given quite the tongue lashing about how I was not to let her frogs go and if I did I would recieve a time out by myself in my room. The biggest punishment there is around here. When the time came to let them go she hid behind my leg and peeked around me. I guess out of their plastic cage they are very scary creatures. They sure do look menacing don't they. She was so relieved to see them pop away that I recieved no consequence for my actions.


Leah and Maya said...

wow what a cool pool! ahhhh I wouldlove to hold those cut little frogs, maay was so excited to finally hold one this year, normally there are tons around but with it being so wet they don't have to go to their normal places we find them. Very exciting about moving, sorry it wasnt' the plan. We just got our property info and our home has dropped $50,000.00 since last year, now we were excited becasue our property taxes should drop, but if we were in a different situation that would be awful.

Hannah said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I bet this ends up being a true blessing for your family. I mean your landlords LOVE you!! How awesome is that?

I can't wait to see the changes you make (plus with a pool like is going to be a fun summer)

Gardenia said...

looks like you're having an exciting summer. can't wait to see the progress pics! that's a beautiful pool!!

Anonymous said...

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