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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our Little Christmas Performer

I am so proud of my Lily.
She does not like crowds or new places or noise. The place she performed was a spot the children had not been before, it was packed to the brim, and loud.
I knew that if I could get her with her teachers she would perform.
She put up a slight fuss when her teacher came to get her but once I was out of sight
she decided to go with the flow.
At the beginning of the performance the children held flashlights and walked down
the center of a packed room.
Some children smiled and waved and hammed it up.
My girl did not want to walk down the aisle, but she does what she is told when at school. She is a good girl. I almost burst into hysterics when I saw her coming down the aisle. She had a huge scowl on her face and she marched as fast as she could down the aisle without running into the person in front of her.
Obedient she is happy about it not so much.
I am happy to report once on the stage and shoulder to shoulder with her friends her spirits were uplifted. At the end of the show
she bounced off the stage and into our arms.
Papa sped through rush hour traffic with heroic speed to
see his girl sing her heart out in the Christmas show.
I think it was well worth the harrowing trip.
Only have eyes for eachother!

A little Feliz Navidad for your enjoyment.


Jen said...

Oh Sarah, I am so incredibly proud of her. I wish I could have seen her. I love the pictures...she is precious. I love how she is so smiley, and most of all proud of herself :-)

Hannah said...

She is too cute! I loved it!!

Sophia is very well behaved at school too, I would have never planned on it but she is.

Merry Christmas to you and your little superstar :)

Leah and Maya said...

Thats wonderufl that in the end she had such a great time! I got to go to my first mini christmas program, it was so neat and wonderful to finally be a mom and watch my awesome child. Merry Christmas!