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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Polar Express

We took a ride on the Polar Express this Thursday.
A certain someone was in a bit of a mood.
Well to be honest this mood has struck our fancy quite a bit lately.
She had a good time despite her efforts to not crack even a hint of a smile.
This is our friend Jake.
I am happy to report that after our train ride Lily stated,
"Did you see my friend Jake. We had fun on the Polar Express"
What a relief!

My camera ran out of battery mid ride.
So there is no photographic evidence
but let me assure you that we are still not a fan of ol' St. Nick.
Now let me clarify that we are a fan of him bringing us presents and sticking them under the tree and inside a stocking as long as he doesn't come near her door, but even a glimpse of him sends us into ear piercing shrieks. We covered her with our sweatshirt while he was aboard and accepted the first gift of Christmas on her behalf. Now the ghost was also aboard the train and he was not scary. (I assure you he looked scary to me!) He asked Lily if he could have her bell and she handed it over. He gave her his coal. Then he proceeded to walk up and down the train car and rant about how her bell didn't work. He gave it back to her and the next time we saw him Lily stuffed the bell in the pocket of her jammies as quickly as possible. This is the one and only time she forgot she wasn't supposed to be having a good time:0)


Melinda said...

Don't you just love those moods?!?! Can't even fathom what the teen years will be like. YIKES!! The train ride sounds fun, but Crista would be screaming right alongside Lily at first sight of Santa. They sound like two peas in a pod to me!

Leah and Maya said...

Yes it looks liek she really liked her friend, that is quite a scowl.
Too Funny Maya has always loved anyone in a costume so Santa is good to go. Glad she thinks she had fun, hope the rest of you did too. Totally understand the "moods" I'm with Melinda as well, oh the teenage years.........