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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day at the park

Spring is teasing us here in California.
Today was a beautiful day.
Thursday the rain is supposed to come back.
I'm on vacation and enjoying every minute of the sun.
This park has been our nemesis for several years.
Lily has wanted to play on the big kid side,
but she was so unsure of doing any of the activities here.
She would try to be brave but then fear would overtake and
we would end up crying and scared to go up or down.
I was amazed the other day we went to the park
and just went up and down all the equiptment
like we'd been doing it all our lives.
Then a little girl talked to her.
Usually when this happens Lily walks the other way.
On this particular day she told the little girl her name
and then they played and played.
That was on Sunday.
Today we went back to the park we had conquered
to take pictures of our accomplishments.
This is one area that ended in tears quite often.
She'd go up get scared and just cry.
Not anymore big girl!
The slide was our other trouble spot.
It is a terrible slide. It is a skinny platform with no sides.
I've seen several kids fall right off.
I didn't get a good picture but Lily went up and down
all day long.
She even fell off the bottom.
I thought we were done.
About 20 minutes after her fall she went right back on.

We are a big girl but we still prefer these swings.
This mama loves her big girl,
but I also loves that she still lets me call her baby.

On a different note I got an email from Lily's teacher
the email said she is hands down the most improved student.
I am so proud of my girl.
She has impressed me beyond measure with how far she has come.
Vocabulary has skyrocketed, she has learned her letters, numbers and is reading sight words!
I love these things but I am most impressed with her social skills.
So impressed in fact that we are going to try a dance class tomorrow.
I think she is ready.


Hannah said...

She is amazing!!! I find it easy to believe that she is the star of the class...she is a star!

Leah and Maya said...

I"m so glad she's doing so well. How awesome, I agree acedemics can be taught, but social skills just make life so much easier and much more fun!

Leslie said...

omg i havent blogged or went on blogs in forever..miss ya!