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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, March 13, 2011


5 1/2 almost....
Fun, funny, laughter, a bit of ........sass, some eye rolling, and more giggling.
Lily has her first bonefide best friend. His name is
Paxton. They are by their teachers admission two peas in a pod.
Lily thinks he hung the moon.
She has learned to giggle and tell boy jokes.
She often hits herself in the head
and falls to the floor laughing in pure delight at her
own comic talent.
She loves the words actually.
It can be used as an emphasis
anywhere in a sentence.
I didn't actually know this.
She has FOUR loose teeth.
I don't know who actually told her she could grow up so fast.
She recently went to the dentist and had a big girl check up
with all the scary tools a dentist uses.
She told me before hand that the dentist was mean
and that she under no circumstances would cooperate.
Then she went and was only mildly uncooperative
during an x-ray
and then was fully cooperative durning the cleaning.
Her mother did not turn bright red or start to sweat the whole appointment.
Her favorite color is blue but her Thomas Trains are slowly
being left behind being replaced by
coloring writing and studying flash cards with no
encouragement from her mother.
She rides her tricycle in the house and worries about her wheels
getting dirty when taking it outside.
She is taking gymnastics and since shedding her socks
for that class has been caught GASP
sockless all on her own accord.
She is uniquely perfectly her own person
and I love every little bit of IT!!!


Hannah said...

She is SERIOUSLY awesome!

Sophia uses "actually" all the time too...she picked it up from Dmitry. So funny.

You MUST post pictures of the happy couple ;)

Leah and Maya said...

What a fun post, I love to hear about allthe kids little differences and things that they like. yes we went thru the "actually" phase, sometimes she still does it but lately to replace actually she says "welllll"
My and her cousin Jacob are like that, so so sweet.