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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Roaring Camp

We spent day 2 at Roaring Camp.

This is truly one of my favorite places.

It is located in the beautiful redwood forest.

And my husband and daughter get to bond over trains.

Alright, I guess I will admit, I think they are awesome as well.

On our way in we stopped for a picnic,

Daddy found Lily a fun fuzzy little caterpillar.

We played with him some and then let him go free.

After lunch we played before our train ride.

How could she not smile amongst her favorite things in the world.

It is so exciting we must jump for joy.

We finally board!

And head up the hill.

The ride is nothing short of extraordinary!

Once you make your way to the top

they let you out to have a walk among

some pretty impressive trees.

Some of these trees started growing before

Christ was born.


Just because he is so handsome.

I am a lucky girl!

Didn't I say that our first day was a little overdone.

Among the very loud train whistles

this little one tried to get some sleep.

Goodbye Roaring Camp

Oh, how we love thee!

To end this long post I have a long story:

When we arrived back to our hotel after a full day of Roaring Camp

and then a few hours at the Boardwalk

Lily was way over tired.

Before the cranky, whiny, overtired girl presents herself

there is a window.

This window is full of hysterical laughter and super silliness.

I happen to like this because it is a warning.

Kind of like a yellow light.

So, we are in this yellow light state of being.

Lily is shaking her booty and repeating the words booty, booty, booty!

Followed by extreme fits of hysterical laughter.

Which is funny for the first five times or so and then

quickly gets old.

Daddy puts a kibosh on the hysterical state

which sounds something like:

"no more booty Lily"
Lily gives him a slight smile and walks out on the balcony.

Where she is quiet for some time.


So I walk outside to see what she is doing.

She is standing on top of a plastic chair

shaking her booty and waving her arms

and whispering Booty, booty, booty

to her hearts content.

I quietly retreat in fits of my own hysterical laughter.

Guess she just needed to shake it a little longer.

(And just in case your wondering

the other girl did present herself a few minutes later.)

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