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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tooth on the loose!

Thursday was a big day for us.

Lily spent the night at her Nonnies house on Wednesday.

She came home very very tired.

We decided to lay down for a little rest.

Lily of course brought her trusty tags for our rest.

Her mama still has not won the battle of sucking on tags.

Mama has actually surrendered in the battle and called a truce.

For now.

So now our stage is set

over tired girl



all trying to rest.

Not nap that dirty word was never used.

Suddenly Lily sat up and said mama LOOK!

Tags took my tooth out for me.

She looks oh so cute with a space where her little tiny tooth used to be.

We placed our tooth in the trusty pillow that the Easter Bunny brought for us.

And hung it on our door.

I might add on the outside cause

Lily's mommy told the tooth fairy that under no circumstances

should she wake the sleeping child.

The Tooth Fairy brought 5 golden dollars

and also left a little decoration on her door.

She wanted to leave fairy dust but she seemed to have lost her supply.

I once again reiterate:

Who told her she could grow up so fast!!

1 comment:

annette said...

Yes, that little space. Wonder what ones next?
She's our beautiful mystery.