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Monday, August 8, 2011

Last minute camping trip!

Somehow my last weekend of summer vacation has arrived.

I find myself sitting on the couch on the eve of my first day of work

largely in denial.

How did it fly by so fast.

We decided to say our goodbyes to vacation

with a bang. We also decided to take trouble

and his little brother

slightly less trouble.
They were actually not really much trouble at all.

Turns out they like to camp.

They also let their big sister join them.
She also enjoys camping.

I'd like you to take a good look at that pink shirt.

Keep that image in your head for later.

Lily's favorite part of this trip was

taking a romp through the forest.

See doesn't he look so sweet.

Really he is sweet,

but he has earned his nickname.

He is trouble.
He is hatching an escape plan in the tiny head of his.

His escape plan did not come to fruition this time....

I think it is a right of passage to ride in the back of a pick up.
Only while camping though

I promise.
My goodness I love the gap in that smile.

Do you still have that nice clean pink shirt in your head?

It is the sign of a good camping trip to come out looking like this.

I must tell you not to laugh

she wouldn't let me take her picture with her shirt on

cause she was afraid you all might laugh at her.

Shame on you for laughing :0)

It was a perfect camping trip.

On a side note though

the mushy gushy on the bottom of the lake.

I DO NOT like it at ALL!


Anonymous said...

You have to post what you did to Walter!

Leah and Maya said...

It could have been much dirtier, I wouldn't have laughed looks like good fun to me. We have camped more this year its been alot of fun. love that smile and that missing tooth, she might loose more just in time for Halloween in a few months.