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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our first day of Kinder was an overall success.

Lily woke up ready to go.

We got in the car so excited.

Then we arrived to pick up Nonnie,

and suddenly there appeared a frown.
When we arrived at school

I opened her door and she said

"Mommy I don't think I want to go to Kindergarten"

I had great dreams of taking pictures

but they became unimportant as her apprehension grew.

We went inside and found our chair.

I thought since she was seated and not crying I should escape quickly.

So I kissed her and said goodbye and suddenly the tears started

along with the kind of "mommy" that is hard to leave.

There were lots of other adults in the room so

I came back and colored with her a little.

As the adults dwindled I said its time for me to go give me a kiss.

She gave me a kiss and off I went.

I snuck one last glimpse of my baby and there was not a tear in sight.

Here is one of the only photos taken on that first day.

I was able to swallow the frog in my throat until I was alone in my car.

Then I aloud myself a few tears and rushed off to work.

My mom picked her up and she ran into her arms smiling.

Yea for Kindergarten!

Things learned on the first day:

Your name tag should stay on all day.

In Kindergarten shoes stay on your feet.

Never ever run away.

This is Lily's newest hair creation.

She wants to look like baby Lily.

When she was a baby she wore her hair in pony tails like this.

Her hair is getting super long.

She doesn't want me to cut it but

wants me to figure out how I can make her long hair

look like little bitty ponies.

As a side note when her hair is this way she also likes to pretend she's a baby.

1 comment:

Leah and Maya said...

Glad in the end Kindergarten was fun. I just cut 4 inches off of maya's hair, of course its still long but it looks short ot me.