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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Royal Affair

The day began VERY early with the last ring being cut from our paper chain.

Followed by some bouncing and yelling,

It's party day!!! The perfect setting for a Royal Affair.

I do adore my parents personal park,

oh, I mean yard!

Some snuggles while anticipating the arrival of our
Royal guests.

Our first guest arrived

and the Royal party begins.

Thank you to Irma for traveling so far to attend our Royal affair.

Jake came the day before to help us make cupcakes.

He told Lily he would protect her from the dragon.

He took his knight duties seriously.

A little ice breaker to help our guests get in the mood.

Tiaras for the girls

and whats a knight without his shield.

Attention all young princesses and knights,

The dragon has filled the kingdom with fright.

He's swiped the royal treasure and flown away.

We'll need all of your help to save the day.

To help you must play a game and find the clues.

There hidden inside the dragon eggs waiting for you.

And the hunt for the Royal Treasure begins!

You're all doing quite well on this Royal quest,

But you must practice with these next dragon test.

The Royal Dragon Trainer you must make it through,

Before the dragon beast reveals himself to you.

The Test of Wit

Can you make the Royal Jester laugh

By far the favorite party game

Test of Aim

Use your sword or magic wand to pop the bubbles.

And lastly to become a dragon master you must complete

The test of Strength

And finally the dragon revealed himself to the dragon masters

What good would a dragon master be without the chance

to slay the wily beast.

My favorite picture of the day.

All the hard work is well worth it

when I look at that face!

Now that the dragon masters have surely worked up an appetite


Happy Birthday my sweet Princess

I truly wish all your birthday wishes come true!


These two crack me up

I love you Miss Sofia!

The tale of two snow whites

Aren't they adorable!

Beautiful cousin Ava.

Sir Jaxton

Cupcake Mania!

And of course the presents

Happy Birthday Mi Princesa

we love you like crazy cakes!


Jen said...

It looks like it was such a great party. I loved the pictures. Lily is absolutely lit up in every single one, like she is having the time of her life. For that reason alone, the party was a complete success ;o)

I love the decorations, the cupcakes, the costumes, the backyard feel, the crown decorating, Peter being chased by all those beautiful princesses, everything!

You guys are some awesome parents!



Leah Maya Benjamin said...

Looked like quite the party!!!! I might have to do that one year. I made Maya and awesome dragon cake when she was 3 that i could use again.

Happy Happy Birthday! I wish Avi could have been there with you I hear you are a really good friend, Happy 6th birthday!