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Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's beginning to look alot like......

Christmas.... We had a fun family day the other day.

We traveled to our hometown and spent the day

shopping the little shops

eating yummy food

and enjoying each others company.

When we got home we got out all of our Christmas decor

and we decorated our Christmas tree.

It was a perfect day

and a perfect kickoff to the count down to Christmas.

We've also been having fun with a certain elf.
Every other year I have passed the little guy.
Thinking he was a little overpriced.
Lily had spent the night at her grandparents
I went black Friday shopping with some friends
and decided I am running out of time for Christmas magic
so I took the plunge.
I displayed the elf and her book on our entertainment center.
When she got home

she spotted the little bugger and
the next 2 hours was worth every penny spent.
(A little back story last year an elf was at school.
It seems the elf was a little rambunctious
and made some messes.
Lily did not forgive said elf for messing up her classroom.
For the record
I had no idea any of this happened.)
She looked at the elf and said,
"Mommy get that elf out of here.
I can not believe you brought him here."
I told her I had nothing to do with it
he just showed up.
She pointed her finger at the elf and said
"You better not eat my food or mess up my toys.
Mommy I don't want him here."
She spun on her heels and went in her room.
She would come out every so often wag
her finger at the elf and lecture her on our house rules
then retreat back to her room.
After a very very long time she let me read her the book.

A little later she agreed to name her.
At the point I caught her gazing up at her
(I had moved her to a higher location for fear of retaliation)
whispering her Christmas list I knew we had turned a corner.
If you are wondering about the reference of our elf
sometimes in the male other times in a female.
It's cause I bought her a skirt.
Only the elf still looks very masculine.
I think he may be transgender.
We are pretty liberal around these parts.
We've excepted her ways.

Each morning we find Rosie the Elf in a different location.
It's been a lot of fun.
And so far Lily's toys are in tact
and she has only eaten a tiny bit of some licorice.

1 comment:

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

those things kind of seem spooky to me, I'm sure as a kid they would have freaked me out, so we have passed so far. Good think you are liberal because yeah I think he/she might be a bit of both ha ha ha!