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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve.

Peter's brother and family came down from Oregon to visit.

They were with us for four lovely days.

We started Christmas Eve by making tamales.

Auntie Nalii is a wonderful cook.

I was not going to let her get away without teaching Lily and I some tricks.

Lily didn't need a lesson this year.

She is a tamale pro.

Once the tamales were steaming

we had some idle time.

Lily and Sophia decorated the gingerbread train.

Lily gave everyone make overs the night before.
Including her big cousin Kai.
Who at first said no way,
but he's a softy and relented to the disappointment
in his little cousins eyes.
We spared him some embarrassment and didn't take a single picture.

Lucky for Auntie Nalii the make up made its way back to it's normal resting place

on an extrmemly high shelf.

So Auntie Nalii got a make over with lip gloss.

Much more pleasing to the eye!

Pretty pretty princess!

A friendly nerf gun war broke out.

After we filled up on tamales it was present time.

Then the real fun began!

We took a limo ride

to look at christmas lights.
What is a christmas lights tour without


Lily and Sophia enjoyed the view.


We'll call this stupid human trick A

......and B.

Lily and Kai spent most of the evening together.

There is just something so sweet about this teenager

playing with his teeny tiny cousin.

What a perfect night!

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