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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas in the city

Peter's brother and his family are in San Francisco for the week.

Marcus is working, bummer, but his family was available to play.

We love the city and the family so how could we resist.

There was a Monday Night Football game in the city

which made hotel rooms pretty hard to find

the result is that we stayed in a very swanky hotel

Merry Christmas Peter!

We had a lovely time.

First we hit China Town.

I was hoping to find some stocking stuffers.

Turns out that China Town has not been immune to the economy.

Gone are the $1.00 deals, but it sure is pretty. Lily did not have even a little shyness with her big cousin.

She grabbed her hand as if to say I'm all yours Sophie.

I am complete chopped liver when Sophia is around.

Really who can blame her Sophia is 14.

She has always been the sweetest, kindest, well mannered girl.

Now we can add super model to the list too.

Don't tell her but, she is gorgeous.

This is the building that Interview with a Vampire was filmed.

It is stunning.

Our hotel was in Union Square.

The Christmas cheer around here is beautiful.

This really may have to be a new tradition.

San Francisco has always been known for it's street performers.

I think this is the best I've ever seen.

Lily has a new pose.

I'm not sure where she learned it but,

I'm happy she lets me take her picture.

We really did leave our heart in San Francisco!

And here is our hotel decor.

Pictures don't really do it justice

it was beautiful!

This is the worlds largest gingerbread house.

I didn't realize it was real.

On my way home I read that it made the Guinness Book of World Records.

I certainly would have taken more pictures had I known.

It had two trains going around it.

One of them carrying elves.

Pretty impressive!

See, what did I tell you,

In the morning we went to the Academy of Sciences.

We came here when Lily was 3.

She was certainly more impressed this time!

And I did it!

Caught one real smile with my camera.

We went in this room and it was snowing!

The snow was made of bubbles.

Pretty cool!

Lily was such a trooper this trip.

She walked all over the city

San Francisco is made of hills, really really large hills.

She didn't complain once and she has a nasty cold and cough.

I know she didn't feel her best but,

she was determined to keep up with the big kids.

The hotel had the best black out curtains ever!

We slept in late so there were people in the halls talking.

Lily woke to a particularly loud group talking and laughing.

She pounded her fists on the bed and yelled


It was pretty funny!

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Leah Maya Benjamin said...

I've been to china town once, too bad the deals are gone but I suppose thats what happens. Gald you had a wonderful time, looks like great weather too.