Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pirate Party

Meet Captain Jake.

He led us on a pirate adventure.

This is his sidekick
Princess Pirate Sofia.

The two princesses practice their best ARRRRG!!

Princess Pirate Lily gets into the spirit.

She is ready for a Treasure Hunt.

Pirate Dan reads a clue and leads his mates to the trusty treasure.

Captain Jake shows his crew just how to walk the plank.

Every Pirate Party must end in a canon ball fight!!

Thank you to Captain Jake for letting us celebrate your 4th birthday.

Your mama certainly knows how to throw a party.


What is summer without the fair.

We found a ride very much like the favorite at the boardwalk.

The grin was just as wide.

Cute piggy bottoms.

Can't get enough of cute piggy bottoms.

She misses her horses.

A little snack before lunch.

Turtles make my girl giggle.

Daddy was pushing on their shell

and making them pull their heads inside.

It was apparently hilarious.

These were the hit of the fair.

These Sturgeon were like dogs.

When you put your hands in the water

they came up and bumped your palm for a pet.

Grass sculptures are always my favorite.

Lily is looking at a woman who may or may not be bungee jumping.

I think she was a little worried.

She did finally jump.

This is the face we make after lots of fried foods.

I think we are upset it is all gone.

And lastly my favorite picture of the day.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cause she is cute!

Way back in August of 2007

these were our shades.

Bring us to July 2011

and look what has reappeared

from the depths of the playroom......

Saturday, July 16, 2011

We went to concert in the park.

Lily started out as a karate master!

That I-phone must be protected.

Then the little baby puppy spot joined us.

Spot was feeling a little Rock and Roll.

And we also must have found the moon!

It must be noted that the puppy has been around town

"with her feet on without socks"

She also asked, " if she could go outside

with just her feet on"

this is a big deal it has been two days so it is worth mentioning.

It also must be mentioned that I've had a camera breakthrough.

Look at these pictures.

They are not special pictures.


They are in manual

they are the correct color

no bright white background

no bright white splotches on cheeks.

ISO I think I have it figured out.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Aquarium~ Day 3

We woke up on this morning to a very gloomy day.

No blue sky peeking through.

This is the ocean after all.

The weather is less than predictable.

So we decided to make the most of our day and head to the other side of the bay

to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium.

Another one of my favorite places.

There is beauty around every corner.

Lily's favorite spot were the touch pools.

Really how could this not be a favorite.

The jellies were another favorite

and they are so fun to photograph.

And then we came upon these

there were two of these turtles in the tank.

Each one bigger than me.

Lily refused to look at them and only wanted to go back to the jellyfish.


How could one not be impressed with this?

Oh well, to each his own.

This was my favorite part.

The other Lily was with us.

Our imaginary friend

that has to have the same name

and causes lots of confusion in our home.

But look at that there she is.

No wonder her name is Lily too.

Taking a little rest.

After the aquarium we went out to lunch.
Flowers grow in the bay like nowhere else.

I love this cheesy grin.

Lots of photo opportunities on the way back to the car.

A little nap occurred on the way home.

and then we started the next part of our day!

Beach Trip~ Day 3

This was a frustrating camera day.

There is something I do not understand.

My light meter is balanced on each picture

but they are obviously not correct.

I'm not going to give up.

I am just frustrated for now!

That being said this is big stuff for the littlest Delap.

Previously we were in a cove when she put her feet in the salty water

the waves were small.

This was for real. She went in waves.

She is just so amazing this summer!

She even decided that she needed her suit on.

It is very, very cold in the water.

I was bundled up

and she was in her suit.


The puppy Spot also came to visit the beach.

And had a dip in the waves.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Roaring Camp

We spent day 2 at Roaring Camp.

This is truly one of my favorite places.

It is located in the beautiful redwood forest.

And my husband and daughter get to bond over trains.

Alright, I guess I will admit, I think they are awesome as well.

On our way in we stopped for a picnic,

Daddy found Lily a fun fuzzy little caterpillar.

We played with him some and then let him go free.

After lunch we played before our train ride.

How could she not smile amongst her favorite things in the world.

It is so exciting we must jump for joy.

We finally board!

And head up the hill.

The ride is nothing short of extraordinary!

Once you make your way to the top

they let you out to have a walk among

some pretty impressive trees.

Some of these trees started growing before

Christ was born.


Just because he is so handsome.

I am a lucky girl!

Didn't I say that our first day was a little overdone.

Among the very loud train whistles

this little one tried to get some sleep.

Goodbye Roaring Camp

Oh, how we love thee!

To end this long post I have a long story:

When we arrived back to our hotel after a full day of Roaring Camp

and then a few hours at the Boardwalk

Lily was way over tired.

Before the cranky, whiny, overtired girl presents herself

there is a window.

This window is full of hysterical laughter and super silliness.

I happen to like this because it is a warning.

Kind of like a yellow light.

So, we are in this yellow light state of being.

Lily is shaking her booty and repeating the words booty, booty, booty!

Followed by extreme fits of hysterical laughter.

Which is funny for the first five times or so and then

quickly gets old.

Daddy puts a kibosh on the hysterical state

which sounds something like:

"no more booty Lily"
Lily gives him a slight smile and walks out on the balcony.

Where she is quiet for some time.


So I walk outside to see what she is doing.

She is standing on top of a plastic chair

shaking her booty and waving her arms

and whispering Booty, booty, booty

to her hearts content.

I quietly retreat in fits of my own hysterical laughter.

Guess she just needed to shake it a little longer.

(And just in case your wondering

the other girl did present herself a few minutes later.)