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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Anniversary Week

Peter took the week of for our 10 year anniversay.
Yes, you read that right, we have been married a whole decade.
Mexico was supposed to be our destination, but
a certain rat invasion/broken thumb/disability, aka life happened.
It turns out that not being in Mexico was probably for the best since they are
having a hurricane at the moment.
We decided that we wanted our bee bop to celebrate with us.
We also decided as long as she was tagging along the more the merrier.
Our first stop was beautiful Lake Tahoe.
Our good friends Meg and Jake joined us here.
The weather was great despite being WINDY!
We stayed at a VERY rustic house in a not so great neighborhood.
(Thank you for that Groupon)
but really it had everything we needed and was really clean.

 Here is my Bee Bop at the beach.
Notice her smile. She finally pulled out that tooth.
So I get to enjoy her gappy smile for a while.
I think it is just about the cutest thing ever!

We took lots of walks and enjoyed the scenery.

We also must have thought Tahoe needed a little liberty.
We practiced out statue of liberty pose A LOT.
Jake wore his hat over his shoulder much of the day.
He put lots of items in his hat and told us all how wonderful his
Statchel was.  I love Jake and his statchel.

We drove home flopped on the couch took a breather and then got up and packed up for camping. 
Meg and Jake joined us for this trip too
along with the Quicks.
The weather left A LOT to be desired.
It was windy and cold
but not even that was going to dampen our spirits.
We borrowed a RV camper from a friend.
Which made a perfect playhouse for the kids
and a much more enjoyable campinng experience.
Thank you to Sweet Sofia for looking and smiling for the camera.

 We had a little anniversary photo shoot.
I love this man.
He loves to take care of me.
He is thoughtful and kind.
He loves his family and would do anything for us.
He still thinks I'm beautiful even a decade
and a few more wrinkles later
I have no doubt he will think the same when I'm old
and even more wrinkly.
He is funny
and always, always makes his girls laugh.
He is getting more and more handsome with age.
I love his guns
(no not the kind you shoot)
I love that he takes risks with me,
for me.
He makes me feel special.
He cleans and cooks
He has dogs even though he doesn't love animals.
He picks up the poop.
He is the handiest person I know.
His daughter thinks he hung the moon.
When I ask for something his answer is always yes.
I am one lucky, lucky girl!

 Me and my friend Meg.
She is my partner in crime at work.
She is also my saving grace.
Teaching is a lonely art form.
Not having another adult in the room to share in the exhaustive craziness is sometimes really really trying.
Meg and I share a door between our rooms.
There is a little window in the door.
Sometimes I go to the window and make exasperated faces
sometimes I open the door and send a little person through cause
their teacher needs a little sanity break.
She is also one of my very dearest friends outside of work.
I am extremely lucky to call her my friend.
 Oh, she is also my running inspiration.
This girl is amazing!
 We went camping at Black Butte Lake.
It was truly beautiful.
 The littles had fun throwing rocks, swimming,
and playing at the pirate ship park.

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Jen said... much to say! It looks like you guys had such a nice week!

I love that happy smile of Lilys...too cute!

I love the two of you and your anniversary pictures...LOVE!

I'm so happy you guys got away and had a nice week!