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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Accident Prone!

Today was a day prone to accidents. This morning I got a text message that Lily had been doing some shopping of the local adds and when she got up she slipped on said adds and bumped her face on the ottoman. She got a black eye and a scrape on her cheek. My mom assured me that she was in good spirits she just looked worse for the wear.

Then 15 minutes later I get another phone call. It is my mom again and she said Lily needs stitches. I couldn't quite figure out how a bump from earlier could lead to the needing of stitches but I said I would call her back. My boss came to take over my class and I drove home. I live 5 minutes from work. It was the longest five minutes of my life. I still was unclear about what had happened. I walked in to find my baby laying in my moms lap. She had quite the cut on her forhead but she was very subdued. I was already on the phone with the doctor. Lily started throwing up and so I told the lady at the doctors office we were heading for the emergency room. I couldn't tell how bad the cut was because the bleeding had stopped and it was drying, but I know enough to know that throwing up with a head trauma is not a good situation. So we drove to the ER.

The doctor was able to use glue on her cut so she should not have too bad of a scar and she is on watch for a concussion but she seems fine. She is very alert and remembers who we are and all her body parts and such. I am going to leave the details of how the accident came to be private as my mom already feels terrible without me advertising the events on the internet. The day is now a little over half done wish me luck that we can stay surefooted the rest of the day!


plumm said...

Poor little Lily. But, these kiddos are amazingly resilient. Luke broke his arm when he was 18 months old and I was the one who was home with him. A total freak accident. Needless to say I felt a lot worse at the end of the day than he did. He was doing summersaults the next morning.

Princess D said...

Oh my goodness! Poor Lily and poor mommy and grandma. I hope she is on the mend soon. Wow, that is a seriously bad day! Hang in there.