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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Halloween Bear!

I know it is a bit early, but we are thinking practice makes perfect. Lily is not so much into head gear. She likes her hair flowin' wild and free. When I chose this costume I knew it would be a struggle, but she is my little cuddle bear and I couldn't resist so I decided that we are only a toddler once. So each night we put on our costume and walk the 7 houses up to Nana and Papa's house and practice our very best grrrr!!!!! She wore the costume for almost 20 minutes tonight a real accomplishment and I suggested we take it off before she shouted all done all done all done! One of these shots there is even a smile :) We may make it trick or treating yet!

And look who is 4! Ava turned 4 recently and we went to her house to celebrate. I love 4! She is inquisitive and smart and head strong and just oh so darling. So to my favorite neice and my darlings big sis happy birthday!

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MayasMom said...

That's the cutest little bear I have EVER seen! I got Maya a Dora outfit. They're actually pajamas, but it was too cute ... "Dora in the Desert", and it's a Disney Jasmine sort of outfit, and I found the cutest bejeweled ballet slippers to go with it. I can't wait! It's dependent on it being warm enough for her to wear, of course. You never know in the deep south if it will be cold or warm on Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas.