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Sunday, August 31, 2008

More horses!

Papa hadn't seen Lily in a few weeks so we took her down to our favorite park. It is near the zoo and there are some pony rides outside the zoo. After our pony ride we went to feed some very lazy ducks who could not bring it upon themselves to get up and eat and didn't even want to move when little feet were near. So we got really up close and personal.

I love the picture below. Just stoppin for some chat time.

Lily and Papa have fun no matter where they go. Lucky for Lily Papa has endless energy when she is around. I think they both went home and had a nap.

Lily was really quite serious about this tree. Future tree hugger of America.


Rhonda said...

Oh how fun is that. Cute, cute, cute................

Leslie said...

I think you need to buy her a pony! LOL

Mimi and Clyde said...

We met those very same ducks and they weren't interested in our food either. Sofia ended up eating all their bread.....she thought that was a pretty good deal.