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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lily's first day of school

Lilyana started preschool today. I prepared her the best I could. I told her that mommy was going to go have fun at work and Lily was going to have fun at school. She repeated these things back to me and would say okay. And then she would tell me mommy stay. So we would have the same conversation again. This very circular conversation happened many times over the last few days. Today on the way to school she said Lily ride school bus. I told her I was taking her to school. We got to school and I stayed with her for about 20 minutes. She wavered between unhappy to be there and explorer. Then the time came. I took a deep breath gave her tags (her blanket) and told her goodbye. She grabbed my leg and screamed mommy mommy. Miss Wendy carefully peeled her from me and I fled the scene. I got in the car tears in my eyes and heard the last Mommy as I closed the door. I felt horrible but knew the scene would not last for long. Here are the pictures I took before we left this morning.

When I came to pick her up from Nonnie's house today here is our conversation. Lily what did you do at school today. I crying. I stop crying. I eat lunch. Did you get to pet the kitty. She pointed her little finger at me and said very sternly no touch kitty. Learned her first school rule today. I am a proud mama


Maya and Maria said...

You know what's worse than having them crying for you when you know you have to leave? NOT having them cry for you ... as in, they want to go play and don't care if you stay or not. Devastating .. just devastating. Maya is usually still clingy when I drop her off, but there are those days when she just tosses her hand up and gives me a quick 'bye' and moves on. Bestill my heart! But I do remember very well that first day at Maya's preschool ... and trying to hold back the tears (unsuccesfully, I might add) as I wrote the check in the director's office. She kept assuring me Maya would be find, and I kept assuring her I knew that, but I didn't think I would be fine!

Mimi and Clyde said...

Miss Lily....we are very proud of you too!! It sounds as if you did great for your first day of school.
Sarah....I am extra proud of you
;-) I have been thinking of you all day today. Sofia's first few days were very rough and then a fellow workmate put it all in perspective for me. He said "But if she is crying, then surely that means that she has bonded with you" Since we had only had her home for six weeks before she was put with Miss Wendy that did somehow make it easier to leave. Some days still are tougher than others, but I know she is in good hands there as your Lily will be.
Anyway, since Sof cut her mouth open right after she arrived the other day and came home (not to freak you was her own doing) Sofia will have a make-up day on Thursday and see Lily there.

Leslie said...

AWWWWWWW poor mom!!! I will be so sad when my baby goes to preschool next year *Tear*...My oldest baby is going into 10th grade it seems like yesterday that i was doing what you did today..sniff sniff! Lily is soooo beautiful!

Kelly said...

She is such a doll. I am glad she wasn't traumatized and wasn't crying anymore LOL But how are you? I am going to be a mess!!!

Ruthie said...


Preschool? Wow! How quickly time flies! I am sending you a big cyberhug. I am sure today was very emotional for you. Kudos to you for handling it so well. It sounds like today turned out okay, though. I am glad of that.

P.S. - Thanks so much for my blogging award. I just checked my blog today and found out. You so rock! Thanks for thinking of me!

P.P.S. - Hang in there. Lily will be okay. Just make sure you are taking care of yourself emotionally, too. I am not quite there yet but I would bet this is harder on you than on Lily.

Nikki said...

Hehe, so cute. Well she looks adorable for her special day!!

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