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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Super Nanny rocks!

I have been quite the blogger over the summer it has been nice to be able to record my life both the good and the bad. This blog has definitely transformed into a journal I did not imagine it would. Thank you to all who supported me during my trials. This message is sounding like I am ending the blog which is not the case I am starting work tomorrow so I imagine my blog won't be updated quite so often.

So as I get ready to start this new school year I must give a shout out to the Nanny. I have only seen about 5 minutes of one of her shows but this 5 minutes changed the course of Lily's sleep patterns over the summer. When Lily naps at Nonnies house Nonnie was being only the best of grandmas and lying down with Lily while she fell asleep and then sneaking out of her room. So when my summer began Lily decided this is how bedtime should be at out house too. Which posed a problem because bedtime became this game where she would sing and kick her feet and see if I was looking. Not conducive to sleep. So here's where the nanny comes in. The snippet of the show I saw the toddler would take hours to go to sleep and everyone in the house was a frazzled mess. So the mom was told to sit in the room and each night move closer to the door until wallah she was out the door and said toddler was putting herself to sleep. So for the better part of a month I did this. First I started out on the rocker and then the carpet and then in the door frame and then outside the door and then I closed the door. Little white lies must be okay cause here is how bedtime works now. Lily it is night night time. Mommy sit. Yes mommy sit. Mommy shut da door and sit ouside. Yes mommy sit outside. I love it. Do feel a little twinge of guilt cause mommy always shuts the door and says I love you and I'll be right here. Then I happily walk to the living room where mommy gets some grown up time. And the super part of the whole deal is that when she wakes up in the middle of the night I used to go sleep on her floor until she fell back asleep. Now I just have to tell her through the door that mommy is right here and go back to sleep and she flops her little body down. SO I AM LOVIN THE SUPER NANNY! In October we are buying her a big girl bed I guess I'll have to buy a book to work that one out.

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Leslie said...

See Abby needs her binkie and she's fine at bedtime..Well today we had her throw all of the bedtime binkies away..We said"yea you are a big girl night!"..Well she didnt take a nap but i hope she sleeps here in a hour..I will let ya know! LOL Im getting a big bed for her in a month as well....Keep me posted on Lily does!!!!