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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Deck the Halls

The Oregon Tree Man almost killed my christmas joy. Peter and I went out to buy our tree all filled with excitement mostly because this is the first year Lily is really excited about all things christmas. But our joy was quickly brought to a halt when we saw the prices hanging on the trees. The trees ranged anywhere from 69 to 130 dollars. What? We did not buy a tree last year because we went to Tahoe, so I guess I forgot how pricey a tree was. We left the lot because I refuse to take part in that. It took a seed and water and sun to grow and will smell rotten by the time christmas arrives I will not pay that price. So although I said I never would we went and bought a fake tree. It is lovely and next year the Oregon Tree Man can not take part in killing my christmas cheer.

Just a little lovin'

Helping Daddy make the tree steady.
I can do it all by myself!

Ok, well she is perhaps not excited about all things christmas. Santa is still not our favorite. The minute he arrived at our local mall she was quite adamant that she did not want anything to do with the jolly old man. She is singing christmas songs at school and I bought a santa shirt at Target and we bought the Santa movie. We watch the end of that movie each evening before bed. She appears to be softening. The other day we went to the mall and spent about 10 minutes just peering at Santa from the second floor. She said "Kids like Santa." "Kids not scared." Santa give kids presents" My reply was yes to each statement. When we got home she sat her stuffed Santa on the floor and sat on his lap. That is what the below picture is of. If you look closely you can see santas foot sticking out from beneath her.


Leslie said...

OMG thats crazy price to pay for a tree..highway robbery!!!!

I love your fake tree its very pretty!!! Damn tree man! LOL


Rhonda said...

I LOVE your tree! Yes, we too have gone the "fake" route here too! I have to say though it was quite the compromise as hubby said NEVER would we have the fake one!! Those prices are highway robbery and just so I can clean up the needles for the next year! Yup, Santa not our favorite person this year again either...darn, may never get those pictures!!! hahaha