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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I've been trapped and cutie christmas gifts

This is Lily's new favorite place. She has had it since her birthday but it has just become her passion. She has discovered that mommy fits in here too. If you wonder where I am I am probably trapped inside the Thomas tent. We pretend to chuga chuga choo choo and talk about the things we see on our trip. Usually we see Sir Topamhat along the way.

Just takin a second to remember what Peter looks like. He's still pretty hunky. :)

Stuey visits us here too.

Static cling is no laughing matter.

And these fine treasures were given to us from Lily's Auntie Nalii. How sweet are these treasures.


Leslie said...

OMG that tent is sooooo cute! Abby has a dora one but my lardbutt cant 100% fit in it! LOL

Love all the cute toys from Auntie!!!


Robyn said...

Too cute!! Gabriella has a Dora tent and she loves for us to get inside together. :) Happy New Year11