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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, December 29, 2008

New yahoo group join me please.

So I have this idea. I'm on vacation and sitting with my cumputer kind of contemplating all that adoption has brought me and all that is to come. I was thinking about this blogging community and how I love that I have met all of these cool moms. Wouldn't it be great if we had a place to come together sit with our coffee and chat. Maybe you already do this I don't know. My daughter is in her third year. She is going to be understanding adoption very soon. She already gets it a little. She knows she is from Guatemala. She knows her birth mommy gave her the name Rubi and we gave her the name Lilyana. I love reading adption books but they don't give me the real conversation that I crave. I love reading everyones blogs but they also don't give me the conversations I crave or the insight that I think I'll be needing one day. So I started a yahoo group for adoptive parents. I know nothing particularly new about that but I thought it could be a place for all us blogger moms that leave comments on eachothers blogs to actually get to have conversations that we don't have on our blogs. So if your interested please join my new group. I hope it can be a village for our children. And leave the link on your blog to get the word out to as many moms as we can. My blog is not as popular as some of yours out there. Hope you join me.

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Leslie said...

Thats a great idea!!!!! I know many of us moms chat on facebook i know there is over 400 hundred on there!!!! Do you belong?

I will repost on my site too!

Happy new year!