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Monday, April 27, 2009

First Birthmother conversation

Lily and I took a walk yesterday to feed some goats. We were feeding the goats some flowers when a very plump very pregnant goat came walking by. I thought this would be a good time for me to bring up Lily's birthmother as I haven't mentioned her before. I think of her often I just haven't had a perfect moment yet. So this goat gave me the perfect opener. Here is how our conversation went.
Mommy: "That goat has babies in her tummy."
Lily: Bends down to see the baby goats. "Mommy I want to see them right now"
Mommy: "We will have to wait for them to be ready to come out. There not ready yet. Mommies carry babies in their tummies. You birthmommy carried you in her tummy in Guatemala.
Lily: Lifts up her shirt. "I don't have babies in my tummy!"
Mommy: "No honey you were in your birthmothers tummy in Guatemala."
Lily: Lifts up shirt again. "I want a baby in my tummy."
Mommy: Quickly changes subject before it careens way to off the course.

It was a good first attempt.


Hannah said...

That is too funny! You gotta love what they come up with. Dmitry used to ask every single person..."Who's belly did you come from?? Your mommy's or a nice lady??" He was like 4 years old.

Leslie said...

ummm no babies in tummy till your 34 lily!!! LOL

She is soo cute!

I but Abbys bmothers pic in a frame a few weeks ago and abby asked me "who dat?"....i said "thats your first mommy!" and she said "oh mom i just want you as my mommy!!:"....i lost it!

Kelly said...

:) She's cute! Good first attempt indeed.