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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break Beach trip

Our little family dog and all took an adventure to Fort Bragg Ca. The weather was beautiful and we all enjoyed ourselves very much. I dare say that Stuey had the best time of all. We don't take him many places he is kind of uncivilized. He was great company though and only once did he have small mans (dogs) complex and try to disagree with a much much larger dog.

The first day we got there we walked across the street and down the stairs to the beach where my usually timid child had not a fear in sight. She ran in the water and dug in the sand like a pro.

Watch the waves daddy.

Heading back up the hill.

The next day we drove to Mendocino and took hundreds of scenery pictures.

If you dont ask her to have her picture taken she unknowingly cooperates. Mommy's new trick.

This picture says it all.

Found some tide pools.
Apparently this here whale struck my fancy.
Glass beach.

Dump + ocean + time = beauty

Taking a little beach home with her. Shhhh no one told her she shouldn't.

I think we have created a beach beauty. She was a tad insulted by the coldness of the water. Me too princess me too.


Anonymous said...

sarah, your family is so adorable, including stuey! looks like so much fun and so beautiful! lucky people!

xox emily h.

Leslie said...

ohhhhhh wow im jealous..That is just beautiful!!!!!

Your daughter is just sooo pretty!!!!


Rhonda said...

OH how fun and I am sooooo jealous. CA beach, awwwwwwwwww, you know how to make a person drool.................. So glad you had such a fun time and I so loved the pictures.