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Friday, August 7, 2009

A rare sighting

A fairy princess came for a visit. It is a rare occurance you have to be quick!
Oh my, this fairy princess posed for a picture!

And there she goes, I told you, you must be quick!

There is always times to stop and smell the flowers.

And just like that she's gone. It may appear to be fairy like......

but it's all scary monster!!!!


Leslie said...

LMAO i love monster fairies!!!

I took abby to The childrens place today and she picked out Dino pjs ..*sigh*....tomboys! But i did by her ballet shoes for her dance class...LOL

aamayna said...

adorable fairy monster!!!

Robyn said...

Too cute!!

Rhonda said...

Ahhhh, that is so cute and she is stunning with her beautiful fairy outfit!

Hannah said...

Love the fairy Monster!! That is perfect :)