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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, August 22, 2009

We can ride!

Motherhood has been a test of patience. From the moment we signed paperwork with our agency to now when she is three (almost 4 sniff sniff.) Lily does things in her own time when SHE is ready and not a moment before. When we brought her home she could not sit up roll over and hated every moment of tummy time. I found myself constantly worrying would she EVER. She started crawling 6 days after her first birthday. She started walking exactly 2 weeks before she turned 18 months. I know this because our dr told us we could start worrying if at 18 months she wasn't walking. When she first started talking she whispered each and every word until she felt she had it right then she would utter it aloud. I have come to except her perfectionist ways. She likes to be in control and will not do something until she is sure she can master IT. Whatever the it may be. At the moment the it is riding her tricycle. I have watched as many others older and younger have mastered this skill and have just known I would have to wait until she was ready. SHE is finally ready and just like that is a pro!BTW this is the don't take my F****ing picture woman. This is the look I get every time I bring out my camera, but the moment was worth keeping anyways :)


Robyn said...

Way to go, Lily!! Gabriella is the same way with doing things in her own time. I worry about every milestone, but its really no use because I know she'll do it when she's ready. :)

Leslie said...

OMG she is riding a big girl bike before my short legged girl..sniff....well maybe next summer!!! They grow big tooooo fast!!! snif!