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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just a lazy Sunday

What does one do on a lazy sunday morning?
You head to Nonnie and Papa's house of course.
Where one big cousin is staying.You eat chocolate cupcakes.
Then you take a trip to the dollar store.
Where you find something that causes a laugh attack!!!!

A whoopi cushion of course.

Now that is just plain funny!!!
Nothing like good company and giggles.
Cousins and grandparents are sure fun!!!


Vanessa said...

Looks like a perfect Sunday!!

Rhonda said...

Oh how fun. what a fun way to spend the day!

Hannah said...

What a great day! We love a good whoopee cushion around here!

Leslie said...

ohhh looks like the BEST sunday fun farting and cousins!! LOVE THAT DRESS!!!!!

Gardenia said...

cousins make the best of friends, son't they. love Lilyana's dress, and her big smile.

aamayna said...

Sundays are the best!! Looks like a good time! It is still warm there too!!!

Leah and Maya said...

Sounds like a pretty fun day to me, do you know how much money you can quickly spend at a dollar store? its amazing how quickly it can add up. Thanks for sharing your othe rblog with me, I left a long rambling comment, but very much appreciate you sharing, its nice to feel normal, or normal in an infertile bunch of people, not sure that we are normal.

Kelly said...

So cute!!!!!!!