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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Officially a big girl now!

Yes, yes I know its about time! Almost exactly a year ago we bought Lily a big girl bed. It is a toddler bed as you can see. If I would have known it would take us a year to get her to sleep there I would have just bought her a big bed to begin with. Anyways Lily has been very very slow to warm up to this idea. So I've just waited and waited and waited. She fit just fine in her crib after all. But really enough is enough so this past labor day weekend Peter finally dismantled the crib. It was a bit of a fight to get her in it, but once we convinced her she slept fine. Then it was one more night of a fight and now whenever she sees her crib in the garage she says when is Brad going to pick that up. I'm a big girl now.


Rhonda said...

So cute and love all the animals too!!! Congrats :-)

aamayna said...

Oh how sweet does she look sleeping with all of those stuffies!!

Leah and Maya said...

she is awfully cute in there I didn't even see her at first. We should also put Maya in a big girl bed but she fits int he crib so basically we are lazy and she knows she isn't to get out of the crib.

Gardenia said...

my, there sure are a lot of animals in there fighting for control of that bed. Lily needs a big girl bed just to have more room for herself! congrats on moving up and good luck int he transition.

Leslie said...

OHH YEAH she was very ready!!!!!

Abby loves her big girl bed and loved her crib and im ok with that!!!


Hannah said...

She is adorable...I love all the stuffed animals that are sleeping with sweet!