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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fair Fun

We went to the California State Fair today. We once again got there when it opened and stayed until it got too hot. We started at the petting zoo where there was a kangaroo. Yes goats, sheep, chickens, and a kangaroo?

Lily had a good time petting all the animals.

I think it is funny that in each of these pictures she has a sideways glance. She was obliging me with a smile but keeping an eye on those pesky goats.

Sideways glance or not this girl is gorgeous.

Take the bull by the horns!

As you can see the fair is really about the animals. Lily has no interest in those silly rides. She is absolutely disgusted that some people go upside down.

Well really animals and food. It is also all about the food.

See food is a new favorite of ours.

And each year we end the day with a ride on the monorail.

The sideways glance is a theme of the day. The door shut on the monorail while she was posing. She held the pose but had to see what the movement and noise was all about.

Another beautiful picture.

A ladybug joined us on the ride.

I love this halter dress. When we found it at Target I asked her if she liked it. She looked at it for several moments and said well mommy it doesn't have a place for my arms.

See how we've changed in a year here and even smaller here


aamayna said...

You are so right...she is just beautiful! She has the best hair cut of any kid I have seen ( I know I always tell you that, but man is she a cutie!!). Ahh...the fair! My fave fair food are french fries and vinegar and lemonade!

Leslie said...

OMG love me some fair food!!!

She is gorgeous just gorgeous!! Love that dress too!

Gardenia said...

Yes, she is a beauty. California is a long way from us here in the mid west. love her sideways glances.

Kelly said...

I love the dress and all the pics!!!! She is sooooo stunning! I cannot believe how little she was and how she has blossomed into a little girl. Our time is running out and I am so greatful they are still somewhat small! They just grow too too fast!!!!!By the way that corn dog looks FANTABULOUS!!!!!

Leah and Maya said...

I love her comment on the dress, they are just so smart and literal at this age. That looks like a fun fair, especially the kangeroo, I"m pretty sure they won't have one of those at our fair.

Pineapple Princess said...

She is so beautiful!!!