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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, January 25, 2010

Auntie Monica

Meet Auntie Monica.
Monica is the closest thing to a sister I will ever have. She is that friend. The one that you are lucky to have. Monica and I met in college. She was my saving grace. She is the friend I can tell all my secrets and know that no matter what it might be she will lend me a ear without judgement. She has seen me through college boyfriends, infertility, adoption, marital bliss and at times strife. She was there at all hours to eat fried food with me and tell me it would be okay. She also taught me about waxing my eyebrows. That alone makes her a really good friend. I lived with Monica throughout college and years later. If it were not for our current significant others I am quite sure we would still live together. When Peter and I got married she left him with detailed instruction on how to care for me. Including if she has a headache ask if she's taken anything to dull the pain and if you offer her an orange you have to peel it or she won't eat it. So why am I telling you about my friend Monica well cause I am not a very good friend. 2 years in a row now I have forgotten her birthday. With each of these years I have duly noted that it is January so it is Grandma Ely's birthday Auntie Monica's birthday and Peter's birthday. And each year somehow her birthday has passed by and I have missed it. SERIOUSLY what a schmuck. This year I actually went out to lunch with my dear friend and it did not occur to me until after I got home that I missed her birthday.
I know she reads my blog and I know this will bring a smile to her day. You mean the world to me twin and Happy happy 29th :) birthday.
P.S. I do not have any pictures of us together. How could this be. I must have left all of my college pictures somewhere along the way. If you have any I would love to replace that tiny although beautiful picture of you with one of us in all our tanning glory.


Gardenia said...

what beautiful friend you have, inside and out. Happy Birthday Monica. love her name too. I always heard that if you go through life with just one true friend, you should consider yourself blessed. looks like you are blessed.

Leah and Maya said...

thats the part about frineds like that make them the best she still talks to you after forgetting her birthday. I am an only child and have a very close friend, we dont' really get to talk much anymore but it doens't change a thing when we are together, now I do re4member her birthday but she is always late on mine (tomorrow the 27th) we will see if she remembers ha ha!

Leslie said...

OH what a amazing friend you have!!!!!! those are sooooo very very rare!!! Happy Bday Monica!!

Monica said...

Awww...Twin, you made my day :)
I did find some pictures of us in all of our Chico State glory so watch your mailbox, they are on their way. I also found LOTS of birthday cards from you and even reference to the year you baked me my very favorite yellow cake with chocolate frosting! For 13 years you have been there for all of the good and to hold my hand for the not so good - forgetting a birthdate now and then is so totally OK. Like the quote says "Friends are the family we choose for ourselves". I am blessed that you are my "family".

Jen said...

Happy birthday Monica!!! I have never even met you and know you are the sweetest, most thoughtful person!!! It was nice getting to know you more through this blog post!!!!

Anonymous said...

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