Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, January 22, 2010

FFF Favorite animals real and stuffed

I enjoyed this theme it was fun to look back through fun times with our animals.
Meet tags, tags doesn't fit the theme but just couldn't be left out. Tags was our first friend the first american we bonded with. Tags is a boy I don't know why but when referring to tags we always say where is he. Lily actually asked me if tags was a boy and I said well he is a blanket but we do call him he. We still sleep with tags and bring him to preschool with us although he stays in our backpack these days. Tags is looking pretty tired and he seems to carry around a certain odor at times. We say Lily we must wash tags and she says no mommy he's not stinky, but really oh my!

This is our tiger. His name is Apple tiger, don't ask me why? Apple Tiger sleeps with Lily every night (along with tags of course) and before bed each night Lily asks if Apple will protect her and I say yes of course he will. She has quite vivid dreams and she doesn't like them scary or not. She tells me that now when she has a dream she covers both there heads and he protects her.

And then there is Stuey aka Lily's baby brother. They get in trouble.

They take family pictures together with equal amounts of cooperation.

They both need their naps.

And lastly they get dressed up with the same amount of enthusiasm.


Gardenia said...

I love your photos. love the first one best. it brings back memories for me, holding my little one in GC. you have a cute doggie.

Kim & Dave said...

Yep, me too! That first pic brings memories flooding back.

All my kids are fond of their blankets, too-not so much stuffed animals.

Hannah said...

Those are adorable!

Don't tell anyone but Bear still sleeps with Dmitry. He goes everywhere with us, although he usually has to stay in the car once we get there. :)

aamayna said...

I LOVE the one of the dog sleeping sideways! Adorable!

Mama Bear said...

Ahhhh, what cute pictures. Love that doggie outfit!!!

Anonymous said...

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