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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, January 29, 2010

FFF-favorite picture

Today's challenge was to post a favorite picture from January.
No small task.
January was filled with so many moments. We went to Oregon, we played with our other friends from Guatemala, Peter had his birthday. It was hard to choose so I narrowed it down to two. They are both of our snow trip and in both of them Lily is playing with her big cousin.

More than anything this month Lily is showing a change.
The girl has stranger anxiety pretty bad. A stranger constitutes anyone you don't see on a daily weekly basis. She does not like strangers looking or speaking to her and is not at all afraid to show her opinion about that fact through her actions. She scowls, sometimes grunts, and my all time favorite yells no at them. When we go to friends houses it takes an excruciating time for her to get down and play. The change is I think we are working through it. It seems as if it is taking less time for her to warm up. Less time to show others the charm we get to see at home. I am so excited to see this phase passing. It has been around 3 years. I was beginning to think it was a personality trait and not a phase :)

Yeah, for my girl who is learning to trust!


Hannah said...

I love that she is opening up more to others! What a big step!!

I love those pictures, her smiles says it all!

Gardenia said...

those pics are great. love that big huge smile in the second picture. and that hat is too cute. nothing wrong with a little stranger anxiety, but that's good that she is beginning to trust.

3 Blessings said...

Adorable pictures. She has such a sweet smile.

Kim & Dave said...

Opening up is a HUGE step!!!

She is beautiful!

aamayna said...

That is great news!! Adorable pix!

Leslie said...

is she in school? Abby is like that too and playdates are torture sometimes if the children are active...but im noticing since she started school in sept she is slowly better !!!!

Love the fun sledding pics!

Leah and Maya said...

those are fun pictures, Maya would be jealous since we didn't get our normal snow and she loves to sled. I was a shy child but Maya typically is the life of the party it is really nice and I think easier. Glad she is starting to come around, she might be an outgoing crazy girl in a few years you just never know.

Jen said...

Those pictures are adorable! I definitely noticed a "big" change in Lily this last visit. She has always been a doll, but I sure love getting hugs now!!!!!

What Lily said about Avi melted my heart! Thanks for letting me know!

Have a great weekend! I have a question, is Peter still celebrating his birthday.... Since it is still January? He is too funny, say hi to him for me.

vaneblu said...

Yay for big steps :)

Anonymous said...

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