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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Giant Burger anyone?

I was not kidding

This burger joint has been on food network

No one has met the challenge


Cousins gettin ready for a much anticipated Giant burger

We talked it up for days

You have to pay 3 days in advance

and they have to prepare a special bun.
Without further ado.......

She says this is mere child's play
Challenge smallenge.

5 lbs of meat 5lbs of fries

+ onion rings

Shakes &

a pitcher of beer


Oh did I forget to mention 8 people at the table

Including one 15 year old boy who eats like 2

maybe 3 grown men.


Hannah said...

That is so cool! Love the picture of you attacking the giant burger :)

Leah and Maya said...

I can't imagine who would even try to eat all that by themselves, thats just HUGE!

Monica said...

This is awesome!Such a far cry from our Chico days of tofu tacos and sweet potatoes :)The appetite of a teenage boy is utterly amazing, isn't it??? Glad you had such a good time. Can't wait to catch up.