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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, April 17, 2011


We've had a girl who is overcoming fear.

First she came home and told me she needed a little scooter.

She said Paxton taught her how to ride it.

She wasn't kidding.

Next a certain bunny visited her classroom.

I told her teachers that this might be stressful for her

(I have to reroute any mall trip near a holiday cause even a glimpse of any holiday character causes a major melt down)

I didn't send a family member on purpose

I knew with one of us as a crutch she may succumb

to the same old behavior

I was sent this picture in the middle of the day

This is the closest she's ever been to any dressed up character.

And she is smiling!!!

She chose not to sit on his lap but this is HUGE progress.

(We are planning a Disney trip next year I think she is ready)

And here is the biggest and last show of bravery this week

For her 4th birthday she got this big girl bike

for two days she rode her bike


she almost fell off

(I'd like to point out I caught her and the bike)

I kept pushing her to ride it all the way home through lots of tears

I thought if she could keep going she would push passed the fear


the bike has sat since that day and collected dust


Apparently a boy at school took a scooter from Lily

she went and found something else to do

but decided in this moment that she needed more options

On our way home out of the blue she said

Mommy I'd like to go home and ride my big girl bike

And that she did.....

Today we are driving 8 hours to see some of our favorite relatives I'll see ya all soon with pictures galore I am sure Oh and I got a new lens it arrived yesterday I am so excited!!!


Leah and Maya said...

she is overcoming so many fears, how wonderful! have a great trip.

Hannah said...

yay!! She is a brave girl :) I love that she is facing fears with a smile on her face.