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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First/Last day of Kinder

 Here we are on the very first day of Kindergarten.
I couldn't get a smile out of her.  She was so nervous.
She started to cry as Nonnie and I walked out the door.
I cried on my way to work
realizing I just left my baby in the hands of a complete stranger.
Kindergarten IS quite the adjustment for all involved.
 No problem getting a smile on the last day of Kindergarten.
I am so proud of my girl.
Things are not always easy for her,
but she is determined and tenacious.
I found I had to let a lot of things go.
Her teachers way was not my way and it was very hard, very hard!
Being a teacher is a blessing and a curse it seems.
The blessing is I know how to maneuver in the system.
Lily is now in speech which should help her immensely next year.
The curse is that I know some things are not fixable.
A teacher who lacks classroom management is not a fixable problem.
But, we made it out fairly unscathed so onward and upward is the way we'll be headed!
We celebrated our last day of school by picnicking at one of our favorite parks.

We also brought home a pretty fantastic balloon!
Ta~ Da here is my big First Grade Girl!!

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