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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sponsored student

Meet our student sponsored through Mayan Families in honor of our angel Luciana. Here is this cuties story. Her life in unimaginably hard can you believe with all she has to bear she can still present that beautiful smile. She gives me the strength to continue smiling as my troubles seem to pale in comparison to hers. If you would like information on sponsoring a child please go to the Mayan Families link on the side of this page.

Emy is 6yrs old. . She lives in Panajachel.
> She is in kindergarten.
> She lives with her father, Ernesto 30yrs old and her mother Alicia, 29yrs
> old.
> She has one brother and one sister.
> Felix is 11yrs old. He is in 6th grade.
> Emy is 6yrs old. She is in kindergarten.
> Ernesto works as an assistant at carnivals. He only comes home once a
> month. He drinks a lot and he does not give enough money to Alicia to
> be able to support the family. He is physically abusive when he is
> drunk.
> Alicia washes clothes by hand in private houses. She earns $8 US per week.
> They own their home. They have two rooms made of cement block.
> The roof is tin sheeting.
> The floor is cement.
> They have an outside kitchen made of cement blocks, floor is cement
> and tin roof.
> They have three beds.
> They do not have enough blankets for the bed.
> They do not have a closet.
> They keep their clothes on a shelf.
> They have one table and two chairs.
> They have a pila.
> They have a bathroom.
> They have electicity connected. They pay $11 US per month.
> They have water connected and pay $1 US per month. They have not paid
> the water bill for three years.
> They have a small woodburning stove.
> They do not have an onil stove.
> They do not have a water filter.
> Felix has a heart problem. He has an enlarged heart. When he was a
> baby he received treatment. Last year he started having pains in his
> chest. The mother has not been able to afford treatment for Felix.
> The father does not believe that the son is ill and will not help the
> mother financially to be able to pay for his medical treatment.
> Alicia also suffers from pain in her back and she says pain in her
> lung. She has a lot of black spots appearing on her body.
> They often do not have enough to eat. When they have food it is
> mainly beans and pasta. Often they have only tortillas with salt to
> eat.

God bless you little Emy!

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Sarah said...

Awww... Emy is beautiful! I am so glad that you are able to sponsor her! Sounds like her family can really use the help! Have you joined Mayan Family Connection Yahoo Group? You learn so much on how you can help the families by reading the group postings... it is a very active group!

Luciana would be so proud of you for doing this in her honor... what a beautiful thing!

Happy Anniversary too!!! You made a beautiful bride!