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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

we got pink!

I know the title is decieving because in the adoption world this means something totally different but this pregnancy continues to feel just like the ups and downs of adoption. Yesterday was quite the day. Let me start off by saying that everything turns out well. Over the last few days I have been feeling crampy and just out of sorts. I just thought it was pregnancy stuff and went about my business. Yesterday however I decided to call the doc just to find out. So I am able to leave a very calm message for my doctor about cramping and a little brown spotting (sorry for the detail but if you've ever had a miscarriage the colors important.) and should I wait till my app. on thursday or did she want to see me sooner, then I went along enjoying my day and awaiting a phone call. Then I used the restroom, at this same time the phone rang, and I also saw an alarming bright pink color on the toilet paper. So by the time I reached the phone the calm cool and collected girl that called was gone and frightened hysterical Sarah had arrived. Erin, who is my doctors right hand lady, was on the other end. She has seen me through every one of my miscarriages and I really feel like she is a friend. I know thats silly but whatever. So she tells me she will set up an ultrasound and to get on the phone and find someone to watch Lily. I call my saint I mean mom :) she is on her way to an appointment but she turns her car around and comes to my rescue. Moms, especially mine, are wonderful. Then I call Peter who didn't even hear me past I'm bleeding he said I'm coming home. So my saint and my knight and shining armor come to my rescue. Erin calls me back and says she is super sorry but the soonest ultrasound she can get is 3:00 it is 9:30 in the morning at this point. My mom took Lily to her house and Peter and I lay on the couch cuddled up trying to find a movie to keep our mind off the current situation. About 15 minutes later Erin calls me back to say that a doctor has an opening and she wants to see me. I can not tell you the relief of not having to wait another 6 hours. At the doctors office they find a heartbeat and check my cervix which is not dialating. Can you hear my squeals of delight, but we keep the ultrasound appointment at 3. Now Peter and I feel much better and we decide since we have a day together we should go out to lunch. At 3 oclock we go to our ultrasound app. where our cutie pie is kickin back with feet up in the air as if to say hi guys I don't know what all the fuss is about. I'm fine in here thanks for the cozy spot mom. And now for the pink, it is still pretty early to tell but the technician says she thinks our Alexander is an Alexandra! there are no boy parts to speak of. She said the story may change at the next appointment but were pretty sure we have to get busy thinking of a girls name. Keep me in your thoughts as my doctor has not recieved the results of the ultrasound yet, but the technician said she thought things looked great and we have a very photogenic little girl. I thought that was funny!

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Jenn said...

Sending you thoughts and prayers that your pregnancy moves right along and the spotting is temporary.